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Postby Jaffer » 06-04-18 4:37 pm

Hello greetings.
I'm Brazilian, please forgive me for any English errors.
I want to play music on the keyboard and I want Synthesia to record notes and convert to videos. My keyboard is already connected to Synthesia. Does Synthesia Video Creator serve to record the notes I'm going to play and turn into video, or just record scores that are already done?
In the free play of Synthesia the notes disappear after I play, there is no way to record (in the Synthesia free, at least).
I need to know, because if it is not going to work, it's no good buying.

I already tried Sibelius, but he does not get the grades I play right. I've tried with Noteflight, but you need a midi converter. Synthesia correctly picks up the keyboard notes, but I do not know how to record the notes played.

Thanks in advance.
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