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Postby Jarzka » 06-19-18 3:06 pm


I created finger hints for a mid file in Synthesia, then imported the data to the Metadata editor and saved it into a .synthesia file. The name of the file is the same as the mid file, it's in the same folder as the mid file and it's target id has been to point to the mid file. I understand that after restarting Synthesia, it should load this file and show me the finger hints while playing. But it does not do this. Any ideas why?

In case you want to take a look at the mid file and it's .synthesia metadata, here they are: ...

OS: Windows 10
Synthesia: 10.4
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Postby Jarzka » 06-19-18 3:52 pm

I uninstalled Synthesia multiple times and downgraded back to 10.3. Now it seems to work.
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Postby cmplays » 06-19-18 10:15 pm

Probably the midi file you're targeting already contained the finger hints inside Synthesia. You could try deleting it entirely, and then re-adding it together with its corresponding .synthesia file. Well, that is in effect what you did when you downgraded to 10.3.
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