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Postby redfive » 06-21-18 8:12 am

Hello ! I downloaded synthesia 1 month ago, when i bought my new yamaha p-45. I played 1 time (1 month ago), and everything was ok, but this morning i tried to play again with synthesia, and now i can't connect my keyboard to the software. I mean, the keyboard seems to be connected, but when i go in the settings, the note range is unknown and playing some notes do not change anything... the keyboard is connected but i can't configurate the note range... i searched on internet but i didn't found a solution... i tried download again drivers, and switching to an USB 2.0, but there is still the problem.... More strange, there is no problem on other software or website like Flowkey....

My keyboard : Yamaha P-45, connected to the computer with an USB A-to-B

Thank you for your answers, i'm here if you want more informations :)
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Postby Nicholas » 06-24-18 4:32 am

Double-check that any websites that use your MIDI device are closed (better yet, close your browser completely). Chrome has a tendency to lock any other MIDI-enabled apps out from using the same keyboard.
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