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Postby Xenn » 06-22-18 11:11 pm

I really can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere. I can turn sheet music on, and hide the falling notes, and my yamaha p125 works fine with the program, but all midi files, built in and imported, show completely blank sheet music, am I missing anything?
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Every song.
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Postby Nicholas » 06-22-18 11:44 pm

I vaguely recall seeing this before. It looks like you're running Windows 7? Would you happen to know which graphics hardware your computer has? If you check for an updated graphics driver, that might solve the problem. The support for OpenGL 2.0 in hardware released ~6-10 years ago was a little uneven. Some cards reported they were compatible when they weren't. Others weren't at first, but later driver updates got them the rest of the way there.
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Postby Xenn » 06-23-18 12:56 pm

Damn, that is exactly what happened with me, Latitude D820 laptop with a chip set that is the same as others but nerfed to do less, basically everything but what I wanted works fine in the program and I assumed it was because I did not have a real midi controller plugged in yet. Time to see how much it will be to repair my nice laptop :(
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Postby Nicholas » 06-24-18 4:06 am

Yeah, assuming your D820 has the base-level Intel GMA 950 graphics, that is only capable of OpenGL 1.4. (Actually, I'm surprised you don't simply get an error message when trying to start the app.)

You can download the last version of Synthesia that didn't require 2.0, here. That version isn't supported anymore, but at least the sheet music should show up!
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