Timing Error Cut-off for Key Turning Grey

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Postby danaswarb » 07-03-18 10:29 am


If I play a note too early or late, the on-screen keyboard turns grey instead of green. What is the timing cut-off for determining if the key turns green or grey?

Thank you so much!!
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Postby Nicholas » 07-08-18 3:02 pm

If you're using Synthesia on PC or Mac, there is a (strange, not very intuitive) setting available from the configuration window.

1. Hold your Shift key while launching Synthesia.
2. Find the "Gameplay.NoteWindowUs" setting in the list.

That number (in microseconds) is the full span of the timing window. So, 0.4 seconds by default. You can adjust that (and "Gameplay.NoteWindowUsAfterFirst" for nearby notes once Synthesia has stopped in melody practice mode) to change the size of the window.
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Postby danaswarb » 07-09-18 2:28 pm

Thank you so much Nicholas!!

To clarify, by timing window, do you mean the length of the window around the note that is counted as correct. Since the window is 0.4, does this mean on either side of the note? So a note played >0.2 seconds early will be incorrect?

To clarify what "Gameplay.NoteWindowUsAfterFirst" means, is this the timing window of every note in a melody after the first? My default is 30 000 microseconds. So you are more lenient with the first note? Why is that?

Thank you!!!

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Postby Nicholas » 07-09-18 2:42 pm

So, I'm a little hesitant to go into too much detail. At this point that's one of the oldest under-the-hood settings, it never had a very good name, and it's a bit nebulous (even to me! :lol: ) how it actually works.

The "after first" setting is more about what constitutes a single chord. That has relatively tight timing, because it's easy, in a fast passage of 16th or 32nd notes, to rope a couple distinct notes into the same "chord" as far as Melody Practice is concerned.

Regarding the other setting, shooting from the hip, yes, I think it's on either side of the note. :)
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