Piano playing mode for the disabled and shaky hands

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Postby Chompy » 07-09-18 1:35 am

There are some people like me who have shaky hands with the piano, and keep ending up with mistakes no matter how good they are. There should be a special option for these people which has arrows pointing to the correct keys, darkening with lit up ingame keys for easy seeing, and much clearer than normal labels and edges for easy seeing and more contrast in colours. If you make a mistake (melody practice, rhythym, online recital), the game has some arrows pointing to the correct note along with automatic finger hinting based on the songs notes. Currently, it can be quite hard to play a song with both left/right hands, and some people find it really difficult, cause their hands have been a little broken with motoring (nerve/neuron messages). So, a disability mode that fixes these issues would be nice. This mode should also optimises the speed for the hands.
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