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Postby Chompy » 07-19-18 3:04 am

This may seem a little silly, but why not add cheats into Synthesia? These cheats really just do stuff like change aesthetics of the game, change particles, add funny sounds, change various elements of the game. Cheats were a part of me. :lol: I am not saying cheats as in cheating the game, like not unfair advantages, but its cheats that are for fun, and can be earned through practicing songs, etc? You cannot use them in online recital. I just thought of this randomly. Cheats were included in many, many 90s games.

Example of a cheat in Synthesia that could be added:

Rainbow Notes Cheat - does what it says basically. It makes all notes the colour of the rainbow (colour can be chosen and configured in the Cheats menu section)

However, you cannot use these in Online Recital. Trying to use them in recitals will make the game prompt you to temporarily disable them for the current recital. This applies only to ones that may provoke mischeif and unfairness.

Ever considered this? And ever considered adding progression?
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