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Postby Chompy » 07-19-18 3:24 am

Accessibility would be good for options. For example:

Colour Correction: Choose between red-green colourblindness, etc.

Clearer Labels: Makes all labels more contrasted and in bold font without you needing to go to config tool.

Audio Equaliser: Modulate the audio of Synthesia, to make some things of sound, like low bass stand out, or high pitched notes sound more.

Reverb: Echoes sound. Can also be used to imitate sustain on piano.

Arrows: Toggle arrow hinting for notes and keys for guidance.

Light-up piano keys: If turned on, the piano key on the virtual piano will light up and the others will darken when a next-note-helper-dot appears, or you make a mistake in Rhythymn practice, and when the song stops in Melody Practice, and will apply in Online Recital (for those with bad hand coordination.)

Auto-Finger Hints: The game will try and set the finger hints for you on the song you are playing.

Play Assistant: The game helps you play along in Melody practice and Rhythymn practice.

Piano Sensitivity: Adjust how responsive the piano keys are.

Invert colours: Reverses colours to tame the display a bit for strained eyes.

Automatically Adjust Speed: If on, the game will adjust the songs speed based on how fast or slow you are doing the song. (The game predicts your pace, and matches the songs speed for you).
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