Only half the sounds play, left hand has no sound.

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Postby ProtoXA4 » 07-25-18 4:42 pm

Dear Synthesia community,

I have this really weird problem with Synthesia that is when i play myself or listen to midi's even the build in midis the blue, left hand notes do not work. When i use the "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth" output and "Synthesia Virtual Piano" input all the notes work as intended but when i use my own keyboard configuration the blue notes won't play even when i play myself.

I'm using an Alesis v61 midi keyboard with LoopMidi as a virtual midi port output and my own keyboard is input inside Synthesia. I also tried "loopbe1" but it has exactly the same problem of the left hand notes not working. I'm using this with the Kontakt 5 audio engine with LoopMidi configured as input Port A. The Synthesia version is 1.3. I remember using an older version years ago and i never had the problem of half the notes not working. The midi controller works perfectly fine with all the other programs, it's fully functional. It must be something with Synthesia then, i tried switching from omnichannel to 1 channel etc but that also didn't work. (when i play songs with only right hand or do freeplay all the notes work it's not the keyboard).

Any suggestions are very much welcome!



Update: apparently changing the output loopmidi device from omnichannel to channel 1... it worked? It didn't work before i've been trying for more then an hour, maybe some other setting had to do with it, check the screenshots for referrence.

It says "Channel 2" what does that mean? The blue hand has no sound.
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My settings for the Output device
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Postby Nicholas » 07-25-18 5:50 pm

My guess was that your keyboard was only listening on one channel, so switching Omni to Channel 1 should have done it. I'm not sure what happened the first time, but it's good to hear it's working now.

(Another workaround might be a setting right on your Alesis v61 itself. If you can find a way to change it to Omni mode, you'll be able to use more than one instrument at a time there.)
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