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Post by Chompy » 09-08-18 7:52 am

Is it possible to add support for textured themes? These are just like colour themes, but with textures instead of colour. An example is making the game menus and GUI appear wooden. Just an idea. Must also have path to texture (navigate to desired texture in directory).
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Post by Nicholas » 09-10-18 2:51 am

I'm not sure I'd call Synthesia "very RAM intensive". Playing one of the built-in songs, task manager shows 40MB of memory used, which is like #20 on my computer's list and smaller than most blank Chrome tabs. :lol:

For what it's worth, I think we'll start releasing 64-bit versions of Synthesia for Windows with the 10.6 update. (Mac and iPad already require 64-bit and Android will, too, starting next year. So Windows is already sort of the last hold-out.) That should be the end of the "bad alloc" errors.

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