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Post by offrhodes » 09-15-18 6:30 am


it might be nice to add the fingering to the whole length of the song (FNAFx).
I just noticed that earning points will encourage the user to reach the end with improvised fingering to collect points. Which is usually considered a bad thing.

I can easily reset the song or program a loop, but I doubt the average user will escape the lure of the incentive system ("Progress will be lost! Leaving now will...")

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Post by Nicholas » 09-15-18 7:18 am

We're hoping to fix the lure of the incentive system in Synthesia 12, where all of your playing (in loops or partially-played songs) will count toward your progress. That is, the "your progress will be lost..." message will be going away!

Regarding the finger hints in the FNAF songs in particular, there shouldn't be much improvising. The melodies repeat several times, and each time the hints become a little less hand-holdy. The idea is that if you're practicing the beginnings of the songs well enough (using loops, etc.) that the later parts of the songs will just be review and you don't need so much visual noise on the screen anymore with all of the hints.

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