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Postby RogerDaFonseca » 10-03-18 11:01 am

When I set up enter (menu continue) as a piano note and I press twice when the music starts, it enable full return, from the end to beginning selection..
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Postby Nicholas » 10-03-18 4:10 pm

RogerDaFonseca wrote:... it enable full return, from the end to beginning selection..

I didn't quite understand this part. Are you reporting a problem? Or sharing a tip? Thanks!
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Postby RogerDaFonseca » 10-04-18 7:00 pm

A possible problem, try, set up a note in the piano as enter and when entering in a music, hit it twice, you will see that this enable the looping play without want it.. (sorry my english)
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Postby Nicholas » 10-15-18 11:06 am

Hmm, strange. You're just assigning a regular piano key from your digital piano? No modifiers (like the pedal)?

Do you have that piano key assigned to anything else, too? The "Step Backward" and "Jump to Beginning of Song" shortcuts will also do what you described.
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