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Postby LucidMusicInc » 10-13-18 12:42 am

Fist off this is the best app out there. I used the subscription based apps from the big names. I much prefer the simplicity and speed of Synthaesia, especially the looping and stats features.

The problem is the big list is liable to crash the app if there are too many files in the database. I’ve corrected the problem by keeping the files stored in a separate location but I had to mention there should be a safeguard against users overloading the database.
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Postby Nicholas » 10-13-18 3:24 am

Which version of Synthesia are you using? (What does the version number say on the title screen?)

Many years ago things would start to misbehave with a very large song library, but most of the versions released in the past five years or so should be pretty resilient. How many songs are "too many files in the database"? Ten thousand?
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Postby LucidMusicInc » 10-13-18 4:44 am

Latest version on iOS 12. I put about 2000 files in it :p courtesy of Since then I’ve switched to a media player to audition pieces.
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