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Postby gpaper » 10-13-18 1:01 am

With many Synthesia videos being posted to YouTube, it would be nice if the video creator made videos inline with YouTube's prefered specs:

* MP4 container file
* Audio: AAC-LC codec at 48 or 96khz
* Video: H.264 codec
* and so forth
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Postby Nicholas » 10-15-18 11:51 am

So, there are some licensing questions involved when it comes to MP4 and h.264. I was hoping to circumvent them by only supporting h.264 on computers with built-in hardware encoding support (which is, like... every computer made in the last eight or so years). Then Synthesia wouldn't actually contain any h.264 code itself. I suppose it's a bit of a gray area...

That said, by the time we get around to this, I wonder if a better answer might not be to simply leapfrog h.264 and h.265 and go straight to AV1. That's open, royalty-free, the highest quality codec, and will be YouTube's preference soon. (In a couple years, it's the codec that will be built into every CPU, GPU, TV, and set-top player.)
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