Synthesia doesn't start from measure 1

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Post by jellybelly19 » 11-22-18 6:06 pm

I have a midi file with 5 blank bars before the notes come in. It's a midi file for the vocals of a song and I want to make a tutorial with it. However, when I put it into synthesia, it doesn't play from measure 1, but from measure 5. I don't want this since I plan on syncing the video with the cover I made. I can't if the vocal midi notes start playing before the instrumental intro is over.

How do I get synthesia to play a midi file with several blank bars from measure 1?

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Post by Nicholas » 11-29-18 1:49 am

Hmm, the only workaround that comes to mind isn't a great one.

If you add a new track to the MIDI file with a note at the start of measure 1, that should prevent the time skip. Then, in Synthesia you should just be able to tell it to hide that track (a la step #5, here).

Sorry for the convoluted workaround!

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Post by jellybelly19 » 12-08-18 11:01 pm

Thank you SOOO MUCH! This saved me! I can't thank you enough! :D

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