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Postby pe0pleallergy » 11-26-18 8:45 pm

Hello! Is it possible to change the key signature from 4/4 to 3/4, or anything else? And if not, are there any free/cheap programs like synthesia that can do that? (I want to be able to see all the specific parts of the midi) Thank you!
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Postby Nicholas » 11-26-18 9:38 pm

Synthesia never alters a MIDI file. (Extra things like bookmarks, finger hints, etc. are stored in separate data files in Synthesia's own data directory.)

There are plenty of nice, free music editors out there that can do it. MuseScore is the first one that comes to mind with a primarily sheet-music interface. Really, anything that can export the results as a MIDI file again will do just fine. MusInk, Finale Notepad, Sekaiju, and Aria Maestosa are another few names you might want to search for. Those are all free, too. :)
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