[ipad] Touch gone for "right" notes

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Postby monkel » 12-09-18 7:38 pm

[Synthesia on iPad connected to Clavinova via Midi, all sounds by piano]

When I play and Synthesia waits for me to (finally ... ;)) hit the right note, every note I try will sound according to how hard and fast I hit the keys, as I would expect. All except for the right notes. Those are sounded without any touch sensitivity at full volume.

I guess that shouldn't be the intention? What's a candidate for a wrong setting / setup?
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Postby Nicholas » 12-09-18 8:26 pm

Settings --> Gameplay --> Note Loudness --> Match Your Input.

("Get Loudness From Song" seems like a strange default, but absolute beginners who are touching digital piano keys for the very first time have a tendency to barely, gingerly tap the keys. In that case, they'd barely be able to hear their own -- correct or incorrect -- input vs. the background notes' loudness. This is one of those settings that you should change after even a little familiarity with the instrument, but that makes sense for absolute beginners.)
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Postby monkel » 12-09-18 10:03 pm

Thanks, that did it. I'm sure I must have been playing without this in the past, but at some point - perhaps some other troubleshooting - it must have been set again by me, as it's not instrument specific.
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