Glowing key on press / particles.

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Postby Chompy » 12-21-18 7:45 am

I just had this thought of a glowing key effect when you press it. It will glow in the respective colour and produce sparkles which can be changed in Settings or turned off and on at will. It would look good for kids. It would be cool to change the image of the particles by selecting it from a directory and selecting a .png image. (must be black and white for colour to apply, or it will look incorrect) ;)
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Postby Nicholas » 12-21-18 8:10 am

Did you have some example in mind of what this might look like? Hearing "glowing key effect [... that] produces sparkles" is almost exactly how I'd describe the effect that has been in the app since August-2007.
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Postby Chompy » 12-21-18 8:20 am

What I meant was a more intense glow that could be adjusted in Settings menu for contrast/brightness, and to customise particles and their movement. For example, you could have the keys emit snowflake particles and customise the size/randomness and direction and colour, and even map the particles to an instrument colour. You could produce a fire burning effect on the red colour for example. Customising the colour would be done with a very simple RGB slider, or you could just put it on random colour.
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Postby Chompy » 12-21-18 8:22 am

Its to add more control and personalisation. It would be really cool to see that implemented, and the particle effects could use this feature.
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