Portrait mode and or multitasking split screen

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Postby LucidMusicInc » 01-29-19 5:42 pm

Hoping that when the new version with full screen score view releases it will come with portrait viewing mode. Alternatively I’d like to see the app as multitasking compatible so that I could have split screen viewing of both synhesia and a score viewer (I use Forscore), I like to use synthesis to check my error rate when reading songs from scores rather than using the dropping notes. (iOS)
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Postby Nicholas » 01-29-19 9:42 pm

I have good news: you just described the next two development milestones on this page. The first one (coming before April) will add full-screen sheet music. And the one after that will be adding portrait mode support and (hopefully) multi-tasking support.
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Postby LucidMusicInc » 01-29-19 10:03 pm

Awe yeah 8-)
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