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Postby marthart » 02-22-19 6:42 am

Hi. Wont start anymore.
Re installed. but nothing.
got a crash report but wont up load says to big.
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Postby marthart » 02-22-19 8:43 am

Tried to sent an email with file to.

But bounced back "Unknown"
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Postby Nicholas » 02-22-19 10:28 am

Hmm, that's the right email address. (With four new messages arriving in the past hour! :? ) I wonder if it bounced back because the attachment was too big. Hrm.

I just bumped the upload limit on the forum. With any luck, it should upload here now.
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Postby marthart » 02-23-19 2:49 pm

I think that has up loaded now.

I did send it with email though and it didnt bounce back.

I was my fault with the email, I copies/paste from your email above but there is a dot and the end of .com and I didnt notice it.
Synthesia r4900 Crash.dmp
(1.68 MiB) Downloaded 3 times
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Postby Nicholas » 02-25-19 1:29 pm

It looks like this crash is in your Intel graphics driver (ig7icd32.dll) when Synthesia is trying to initialize OpenGL.

Would you happen to know if you updated any drivers recently? (Or, if your video driver is very out of date?) Did you recently make any hardware changes to your computer?
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Postby marthart » 02-25-19 1:54 pm

Yes I have just put one of these on.

Toshiba 14" inch USB-Powered Mobile LCD External Monitor PA39223U-2lc3

Powered through usb and sits on the music stand like a thin tablet.
There is software for it called display link.
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Postby marthart » 02-25-19 2:37 pm

I up dated the card software and it still did not work.
Took out the Toshiba monitor software and synthesia worked again.
Meanwhile windows intalled the Toshiba software on its own and it all still works.

this stuff could drive you nuts. :D

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
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Postby Nicholas » 02-25-19 4:23 pm

Ah ha! Thanks for the information. I wonder if their support for hardware accelerated (3D) apps like Synthesia isn't quite perfect. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Those sorts of USB devices have to essentially "pretend" to be real video hardware, which means a lot of bending over backwards for DisplayLink. (I'm guessing a lot of that work would have to be done on the CPU instead of in your real video hardware, which would lead to things like more power consumption and faster battery consumption if you're using a laptop.)

If you have any other video outputs on your computer (HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, etc.) connecting a monitor to any those (instead of USB) would be the way to go. That kind of port gets to use the video hardware directly, which makes things easier for everyone and will allow better compatibility with apps like Synthesia.
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Postby marthart » 02-25-19 5:32 pm

I didnt know that it would be possible to use say a usb to hdmi connector.

It has 2 usb via a spliter as one will be used for power.

will have a look into it.
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Postby Nicholas » 02-27-19 11:10 am

Er... sorry for the confusion. I meant more if you had a direct connection, say, an unused HDMI port on your computer that you could connect directly to an HDMI monitor.

Unless you're using the very latest type of USB port (3.1 gen 2) or something like Thunderbolt 3, they weren't really designed to carry video the way these external monitors are doing things (which is why they tend to cause the sort of trouble you're running into).
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