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Postby Nicholas » 03-29-19 5:28 pm

SYNTHESIA 10.6.5134
Download from the pink box above.

Hide the falling notes from the new display settings popup to show full-screen notation.
full-screen-sheet.png (331.05 KiB) Viewed 1036 times

Major New Stuff

  • Use the gear icon to toggle falling notes and sheet music. Turn falling notes off to have sheet music take over the whole screen.
  • Click on the sheet music to navigate through the song.
  • Ctrl-click sheet music to create bookmarks. (Or enter bookmark editing mode and left-click.)
  • Right-drag sheet music to create loops. (Or enter loop editing mode and left-drag.)

  • The macOS version now draws using Metal by default. Disable "Graphics.Metal" to switch back to OpenGL. (There is still a little bit of Metal cleanup going on. The falling notes still shimmer a little.)

Right-click-drag to make loops just like in the timeline.
drag-sheet-loop.png (56.65 KiB) Viewed 1036 times

Fixes and the Rest

  • Double-clicking will now pause/resume from any mode.
  • Bluetooth devices should show up on Windows 10 again (with "Midi.UseWinRTMidi" enabled).
  • Updated the bookmark mode icon to look more like a bookmark and less like a map pin.
  • News intended for older versions should no longer appear after updating.
  • The song position should no longer jitter while rewinding or dragging near the beginning of a song.
Here we go! Synthesia 11 progress at last and three days sooner than promised. :D

(I wanted to avoid the "10.6 came out after an 11 preview" confusion, so I just called this one 10.6 for the time being despite it being Synthesia 11-proper features. All of this will be released in 10.6 anyway, so it works.)

Clicking and dragging on the sheet music is like my new favorite thing. It's really effortless to jump right where you want to go now. (I suppose this is less impressive with this being the most basic feature of every sheet music editing app in the history of the universe, but it's new to Synthesia so hopefully people will find it useful!) :lol:

To make the deadline, I left a few more rough edges than usual but the big features are there. There are a few interactions that will get smoother: the sheet music isn't great about knowing when rests occur, so clicking on one will usually give you a bookmark, loop, or jump the song to just before/after the rest. And navigating in the sheet area has a tendency to jump around if it's in the middle of the full-screen slide animation. I'll probably follow this preview up with another one with those things (and a dozen or so others) fixed. Then it's off to the "Portrait Mode / Small Screen Support" milestone immediately.
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Postby monkel » 03-31-19 8:14 am

Sounds great overall, looking forward to giving it a spin! :D
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Postby electabots » 03-31-19 8:15 pm

Hi Nicholas, there doesn’t happen to be a ios beta or testflight for this build is there?

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Postby Nicholas » 03-31-19 10:13 pm

Historically we've skipped iOS dev previews because of how much extra work Apple made it to add/maintain testers. I just checked and it looks like they finally fixed most of that in July of 2018. It will take some wrangling of our automatic build process to get iOS included, but it's something that might finally make sense to add. Thanks for asking and getting me to double-check! I hadn't heard about that change last year. :)
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Postby electabots » 03-31-19 11:51 pm

Good deal! Makes me feel better breaking out of forum-lurker mode heh. No rush or anything, appreciate and love the work you do and the program. Been using it for years now, this recent dev update just got me really excited and I don’t have a reliable PC anymore.

Thanks :-D
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Postby oc67 » 04-11-19 3:19 pm


thanks for your great job.

Just for information, with 10.6.5134 release, i need to reactivate licence number.

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Postby Nicholas » 04-11-19 4:42 pm

See the bold text in the pink box at the top of this page! :D

(Development previews exist completely separately from official versions. So, as far as the development preview knows, you've never unlocked Synthesia before.)
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Postby miek » 04-13-19 5:16 pm

Hi, This is a great update. I am running it on Windows 7 and testing it with "The Entertainer". I am only doing the sheet music display with the keyboard at the bottom.

Clicking on the sheet to move the position is brilliant. When you click on the line below (on my screen, part of the second line is obscured because I am zoomed in) - it scrolls the sheet music up so that you can see it fully. That is nice. But is there a way of clicking back to the line above (fully hidden on my screen) or do you just have to use the left arrow key to move it back? I know you can click in the measure window above - for this, maybe it would be helpful if you could see line divisions - for example: if the sheet music shows four measures then in the measures window, the measure line would be a different colour indicating a new sheet music line like this... !|||! ||| and so on (! = one ccolour, |=another).

During playing, the scroll of the sheet music to the next line does not happen at the right time. Eg: I have the display zoomed in so that I can see seven measures on the first line - this also displays a bit of the top of the second line. As I play along and get to the 8th measure, the music does not scroll up until after I play the note. Because of the keyboard, I cannot see the low G that I have to play here. I can scroll the piano window down to reveal the note, but the main point is that sheet doesn't scroll until the notes are played.

The new cog icon is great because I can easily turn off the notes and have the sheet music. I wonder if the F5 "Toggle all notes hidden" is working properly. On mine, this is now putting a second line of sheet music on my display (partially obsured by the keyboard window as before, or just showing one line or sheet music. This second one does show the next note, now on the left like it used to be before the multiple lines revison.

I have the keyboard window open underneath the sheet music - I only use this once in a while to see which keys I'm supposed to be pressing. I like having the keyboard on but it does take up a bit too much of the screen. I can resize it, but if I were to make it smaller using the arrow icon that is at the top right of the keyboard, the whole keyboard moves down - therefore removing (at first, the octive (eg. C4), then the figer dots on the white keys - then a long way after this, the dots on the black keys. I was wondering if this could be scaled vertically so the black keys were not so big?

I think the loop funtions are really helpful too. Especially now with the 'click on the sheet music'. :D
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Postby Nicholas » 04-15-19 3:46 pm

This is great feedback, thank you! Posts like yours are exactly the reason I like to release early development previews.

"Easily going backward a page" is one of those delightful problems that didn't exist before because everything was hard. Now it's the only thing that's hard, so it stands out! The further this comes along, the more I find myself wanting to treat the notation display as a sort document or even web page that I can just arbitrarily scroll through with my finger or mouse. As long as the active measure is still on the screen, I'm not sure why it needs to be at the top. This will come into play even stronger as we add support for portrait-orientation tablet screens, later in the 10.6 development cycle. At that point, it wouldn't be strange to have 4-6 lines on the screen at once. So, all the gears are turning in my head now for new interactions to make things even easier.

I really like the idea of showing a slightly different marker in the timeline to denote sheet music line breaks. That should be relatively straightforward to add. They would be toggled on whenever sheet music is visible. Let me add that to the list for the next preview, too!

F5 is working correctly. I combined the idea of falling notes shown/hidden and sheet music shown/hidden into a sort of compound "one, or the other, or both, or none" idea. You can hide everything by turning off the notation and the falling notes. But when falling notes are hidden, that's the signal to allow the sheet music take up the rest of the available space now. What we're really missing now is an equivalent show/hide shortcut for the sheet music. (Perhaps F2?)

Key labels and next-note helper dots falling off the bottom when the keyboard is shifted has been a long-standing problem that is only about to get more exacerbated as people want to free up more screen real-estate for more lines of sheet music. It's been on the to-do list forever, but maybe now is the right time to tackle it.
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