Mac OS Touchpad gestures

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Post by LucidMusicInc » 05-06-19 9:00 am

Macbook Pros have multitouch gesture support. Please consider making the touch pad work the same way as the touch screen, especially with respect to correcting the fingering (i.e. two finger tap to split the hands.)

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Post by Nicholas » 05-06-19 4:21 pm

I got a Magic Trackpad (many years ago at this point) to investigate exactly this. The idea of using gestures to control things is an interesting one. I generally lean toward "power user" interfaces where you can get a lot done quickly if you (already) know which interactions are available and gestures fit into that scheme perfectly.

I'm not quite sure I know what you meant about using two fingers on a track pad to split the hands though. The way Apple does it, the gestures are mostly divorced from the cursor's on-screen position. With a touchscreen, you can touch exactly where you mean. With a track pad, you may need to slide your fingers a few times to get where you want to go, so Apple treats them a little differently. That is, depending on the acceleration and sensitivity settings, you might not be able to draw a full line down the screen between the notes the way you can on a touchscreen.

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Post by LucidMusicInc » 05-08-19 12:59 am

Some kind of drag gesture to draw the split line.

Also some midi files have impossible range, (e.g. a note on c1 and another on c6 and a bunch in between. you've currently got only split left and right and filter out left and right but not split left and right AND filter left and right. Please consider developing that further.

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