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Post by st5555 »

I’ve been practicing on my keyboard for about 18 months now. I do this for my own entertainment only. I use Synthesia exclusively for my playing experience and I have no interest in learning to read music.

My problem is I’m stagnating and have made no progress for many months. My hope is there are some experienced people out there who could recommend a structured practice session for me (and all the other new players out there).

Currently I start out with a little Free Play to get loosened up, then move on to a few rounds of “The Virtuoso-Pianist” and “Czerny with Fingering” (both downloaded from this site). From there I practice a few of the built-in songs provided. I readily admit I’m probably not doing enough repetition and total time spent per session is probably too short. My sessions average 30 minutes or less and I try to do them daily, but realistically it’s every few days.

What would be helpful would be a recommended practice session centered around Synthesia. If I had a structured lesson plan to follow, it might give me an incentive to try harder and practice longer. As I mentioned above, such a plan might have great value to other new players struggling to make progress as I feel I can’t be the only one in this predicament.

I did search the internet for recommended lesson plans, but most results wanted me to give them money first. Also most of them included vast amounts of information on how to read music, which doesn’t apply to my situation.

If anyone has thoughts on this, it’d be greatly appreciated.
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Post by monkel »

What's your goal? Structure will help, but a goal should come first.

In my case I like to play just or mostly for myself, every blue moon in a family setting. My goal is to have fun and learn a few songs I like by heart and have a few that I keep working on. Synthesia is my teacher for songs and my activity depends on my available time, but for progressing technically I have an hour with a piano teacher every two weeks. He helps me prevent bad habits, sets technical and musical goals with me and works more or less like a coach without a fixed program.

Perhaps that's something that could work for you as well?
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