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Post by LucidMusicInc » 06-26-19 6:42 am

We've all seen the videos by Patrik Pietschmann on youtube I think. I'm not suggesting anything too amazing like smoke and spark effects but the ability to choose the colour palette, for example something in neon rather than the faded pastels that the program ships with. How about it? Some new UI inspiration?

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Post by Nicholas » 06-26-19 3:17 pm

Actually, I brought on a contract graphics developer last October to start getting the engine in shape for more advanced effects like those. Adding support for Metal on iPad and Mac was the first step. Vulkan support is up next for Windows and Android.

Once we've got access to the latest technology on each platform, we'll be able to start using it to do more interesting things like those videos. (There will be a steeper hardware requirement, so on computers that can't use the new stuff or don't have the hardware to do it quickly, the new effects will simply revert back to the old stuff.)

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