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Post by Artistical » 07-28-19 6:12 am

Currently it is only possible to manually set which fingers to use.

Could you add a feature for giving us fingers suggestions ? :-) Based on fingering of good and experienced piano players.

I guess It wouldn't be easy to develop but It would be interresting for piano learners.

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Post by Nicholas » 07-28-19 7:50 pm

This is an interesting area of research! Back in 2009, one of our forum users was working on something like this using some of the current academic research on the subject. I haven't done a literature search in a few years, but I know that about every year or two someone else makes another attempt at advancing the state of the art (which isn't very far yet).

It's a tricky problem because there isn't an established method. To this day, it can still come down to "what does your piano teacher recommend?" Different hand sizes and the details of the piece will influence the "best" answer for finger hints. That said, it's still something I'd love to try getting into Synthesia some day.

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