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Share your original or public domain compositions here!
Request popular music with the suggestion form on the music store, not here!

All MIDI attachments must be one of the following:
  • Your own, original work submitted under some license that permits free private use (I recommend public domain or Creative Commons).
  • Adapted from works created prior to 1923. This goes for both the composition and arrangement. This means you cannot post MIDI versions of recent songs.
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Post by RobertM » 08-01-19 8:54 am

Don't know if this has been discussed. Apologies if it has

The Microsoft GS Virtual Synth is absolute rubbish, much of this is new to me, I found that Coolsoft MidiSynth has better capability for playing midi files, just managed to get it installed and swapped it in synthesia. The sound is so much better

Can't believe I threw away midi files thinking they were rubbish when it was the actual engine playing them was at fault

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Post by Nicholas » 08-02-19 12:27 am

Since Synthesia 10.5 (Nov-2018), we've included the same BASSMIDI-based component that VirtualMIDISynth uses right inside Synthesia.

If you head over to the Settings screen, it should be called "Built-in MIDI Synthesizer" and if you put any SoundFont files in a folder that Synthesia scans for songs, it should show up automatically in a list on that screen. :D

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Post by RobertM » 08-02-19 8:40 am

Many thanks for letting me know, will check that out.

I just wanted to let people know who like me are finding their feet, it is a minefield.

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