Can I use the synthesia on my macbook pro in 2 different accounts?(windows via bootcamp)

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Post by smkyeh » 08-27-19 10:16 am

I have already purchased the synthesia on my iPad but I had a difficulty to add a midi song via iTunes.

So I am going to purchase the synthesia for my macbook pro.
I am using a macintosh and windows in a same macbook , and I was wondering if I can use in windows and mac with same accounts of Synthesia?

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Post by Nicholas » 08-27-19 11:36 pm

Yes! Like the purchase page mentions in the "Where will my purchase work?" section, the scheme is:

Buy from the website --> Use on PC, Mac, and Android.
Buy in the iPad app --> Use on iPad.
Buy in the Android app --> Use on Android.

It's only Apple's rule that purchases outside of their App Store cannot be used to unlock something inside an iPad app that the top line there isn't "Buy from the website --> Use anywhere", which would be more convenient for both you guys and us. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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