Unlocking Synthesia: Website vs in-app purchase (suggestion)

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Post by Gurior »

(Disclaimer: I do not regret my purchase, but wish I had known something sooner)

So, I've bought synthesia directly from website in anticipation (still waiting on a cable) of setting myself up from my android phone + large-screen tv. While fiddling around in the android app in the meantime, I was surprised to see the in-app pricing of unlocking synthesia : 10.99$.

Thankfully, it took very little digging to determine what justified the price difference (I first wondered if the amount of content unlocked was different).

The website (and the support assistant) are very-well done and clear on exposing the difference in website vs ipad Purchases, and compatible platforms. There was no ambiguity there.

My issue comes from not knowing in advance that in order to play on android (only), I didn't need to buy the website multi-platform unlock key and would have been covered by the (cheaper) in-app price. Sure, I knew beforehand that I could also buy directly on the appstore, but wrongfully assumed that it offered the same multi-platform key, at the same price.

That being said, In the end,
1) I'm glad to support you;
2) The website price was on sale anyway, so the difference is marginal;
3) I probably would have ended-up buying the multi-platform unlock later on (which, I've read, is easy by only paying the difference in price) and;
4) Even if 2) and 3) didn't apply, I've read the refund procedure is quick and simple (even automated by the support assistant) and could have easily refunded the website price to re-buy in-app with no issue.

Tl;DR: Is it possible to clarify on the store-page, that there exist a 3rd option beside the Pc/Mac/Android and ipad unlock key, and an "Android-only" cheaper unlock is available too directly from the appstore?
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Post by Nicholas »

Yes, that's a good clarification to add. It'd be easier if both app stores didn't make it hard to pin down the actual price. Sure, it's $9 in the US, but it's hard to put a blanket "here's the price for the mobile versions" when Google and Apple often tweak the conversions into each currency.

I could still add a note that says the Android-only and iPad-only versions are cheaper, due to their "-only" status. That's really the only difference. I suppose the website unlock includes the music store credit (you can use your unlock key there as a coupon code to get $3 off) and access to utilities like the Video Creator (which will hopefully be integrated directly into the PC/Mac version at some point).

I'll make a note to get that added to the website in the next pass (just after the next 10.6 dev preview goes out the door).
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