Structure course for learning various styles of piano

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Post by madbutnotmad » 09-16-19 7:46 pm

I have just brought a licence to use your excellent and good value piano teaching game
and on first glance think it has a lot to offer.

I do wonder however that you may not be maximising the apps potential to be used as a way
to learn to get the skills to play piano.

I think that if you were to create a well thought out course that takes a person from complete beginner
and builds on skills slowly, without having to get involved in traditional sight reading / score.
Then if it was created to a high enough level in terms of quality, then it really would be an awesome alternative way
to learn the piano.

For me for example, i recently also took up playing acoustic guitar, after playing bass guitar for many years, and playing around
with keyboards for many years in home studios making dance music.

I have some core skills such as being able to play chords and being able to play in time, as well as being able to compose melodies
and being able to play with others in simple terms.

However i never lean't to play properly, so would like to learn. And as i have no interest what so ever to play in a classical ensemble
or with traditional musicians, there is no reason why i need to learn to sight read.
I also don't want to necessarily want to be the next "jazz hands" jazz pianist, however i would like to be able to play a few songs on the piano
in the style of pop and rock. so can play the piano in a pop or rock band or play the piano if i find myself in a pub with a few beers in side me
and want to have a bit of a sing song.

Now i was wondering if you considered creating a course for your software, that has a structure and numbered lesson plan.
Going from 1 onwards.

I was thinking if you want ideas of what kind of thing needs to be involved, i was thinking that you may be able to get
some inspiration from a couple of online courses for guitar, which don't really bother with score or sight reading

two sights that i have so far found to be really good and well structure can be found on and

i think they have structured and presented their courses like academic courses, that perhaps would be taught in contemporary
performing arts colleges

I was thinking if you do not have the background to put together a course of this type
perhaps you could get licence to convert an existing course such as the Learn and Master Piano course that can be brought on DVD
but instead of the individual learning to read score and then going through each exercise etc.
you could make midi files for each exercise and include them as part of a progressive course
perhaps even being presented with a little multimedia where necessary and even released as a standalone package
or used in conjunction with synthesia?

I think that is what you need to do

i was thinking that when it came to learning songs
perhaps it would be an idea to learn some of the songs in stages
i.e. section by section and then the whole

as that would be easier especially at an early stage

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Post by Nicholas » 09-19-19 1:09 am

This type of thing is definitely the ideal. Given as large a team size as I liked and as large a budget as needed to fully support them, I could see eventually reaching a point like this. For now it's... tricky. These thoughts from 2015 still summarize things quite well.

Given my personal preference for a small team size, I am afraid the reality is that Synthesia will have to continue to acknowledge its small place in a larger piano pedagogy world: that it is only one part (the practice/repetition helper) of a complete solution.

Regarding the practice of smaller sub-sections, this can be handled today quite well with the bookmark and loop features in conjunction with keyboard shortcuts (Settings --> Shortcuts) to quickly jump the loop you're practicing between adjacent bookmarks.

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