keys are lit up an octave lower

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  • If your keyboard has USB or MIDI ports, there is a tremendously high chance (>99%) it will work with Synthesia. See what you'll need on the keyboards page.
  • If you have a Logitech webcam and can't get your keyboard/adapter to work, see this post.
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Post by naomimarae » 09-26-19 6:02 pm

Just downloaded the app onto my android phone and after years of owning "the one smartpiano" Ive finally found this app that can play downloaded midis instead of being limited to the products app store.

Im having a problem though with the app lighting up the keys an octave lower than what is displayed on the song. I made a video to demostrate.

Hope to hear from some of you. I'm really excited to use this app! :mrgreen:

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Post by naomimarae » 09-26-19 6:09 pm

would anyone care to tell me how to embed a youtube video while theyre at it? I never really post to forums.. I just tried 10 different things and couldnt figure it out.

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Post by Nicholas » 09-29-19 4:06 am

Sorry, the YouTube embed is a little cryptic. If you hold your mouse over the button in the post editor, the tool tip that pops up shows the correct syntax. (I edited your post to show the video.)

Otherwise, hmm, strange. This is a bug that was fixed ages ago. I hope it hasn't cropped up again recently. In the meantime, since the The ONE already has 88 keys (which really means Synthesia shouldn't be shifting anything automatically), try this workaround:

Settings --> Gameplay --> Keyboard Octave --> Manual Only.

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