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Post by Magic73 » 10-01-19 5:44 pm

Hi Nicholas,
I just tried the new version (10.6.5311 - Official Release), very well done (can’t wait for the fingering text too!!).

On my iPad Pro 2018, the two lines sheet are bigger then the available height, so when the end of the first lines is reached, the scroll down is slower than the music itself, and also the bass isn’t fully visible.

---- Ignore ---- I forgot I was using a zoomed sheet notation :)

Also, I would like to suggest to avoid scrolling down the sheet.. it can be confusing while playing and reading.
I would like to suggest to use the same approach of Piano Marvel, where when you reach the end of the first line, you can continue to read/play the second line, while the third line is being displayed over the first line. When you reach the end of the second line, you can continue to read/play the first line (which now is the third of the sheet) while the second line is being replaced with the fourth line of the sheet and so on.

Here a video (from 0:35 to 0:45 you may see what I mean)


Anyway, really thank you for you work, great piece of software! Very well done!

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