e-ink screens friendly ?

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Post by mahen » 10-07-19 4:32 pm

Hi Nicholas !

OMG, I'm back after so many years :-) I actually gave up on learning the piano but...

Due to HUGE eye-strain issues I'm about to get an HDMI E-ink screen (cf. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/firs ... ight-touch) ; which means : grayscales, low responsiveness, small size. But, OMG, no more eyestrain !

Do you think Synthesia could be tweaked to use custom colours to make it more readable on such a screen ?

Also... Well... That's awkward to ask but... As you apparently kinda rewrote a log of stuff for the upcoming Synthesia version... Would a Linux port be possible ? :-) It's made strides in the past years. (for instance, thousands of Steam games now support Linux, that's crazy !)

Cheers & happy to see you're still developing !!
Take care.
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Post by Nicholas » 10-08-19 2:30 am

Long time, no see! Five years is a while. Welcome back!

I've never seen an eInk display with such a high refresh rate. That would be perfect for Synthesia's sheet music display. ;) (I usually combat my own eye strain with an IPS monitor (vs. TN) and scaling text up as far as necessary.)

The idea of a Linux port did come up a few months ago, but I feel like I'd need to tackle most of the other embarrassments listed there first.

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