Alphabetical Order in Synthesia Metadata Editor (in Main Window as well as in Grouping Window)

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Post by AllNotesCount » 11-01-19 5:02 pm


I have more than 600 midis in my Synthesia folder, and the number grows quite fast. Unfortunately, a large number of midis brings up the problem, that whenever I want to edit something for a specific song in the Metadada Editor (add tags, add bookmark text and so on), I have to search quite a long time in the Editor's Main Window song list, until I find that specific song. Therefore I'd be very glad if you could add the option to automatically sort the midi names in the Editor's Main Window by alphabetical order (as well as the option to also switch back to the order by the time of file addition - so that the user can freely toggle between both of them).

Another problem (with quite the same implications) occurs in the Editor's Grouping Window: Whenever I add a new Synthesia group (in my case I have grouped the midis by artist), I also want to have the new group at a position where I can find it again, when I later want to add more songs to that group. Although I can manually click the new group up, until it has the alphabetically appropriate position, it already takes by far too much time (in average that's already hundreds of mouseclicks for each new Synthesia group). So also for the Grouping Window, I'd be very glad if there could be added an option for an automatic alphabetical order (in this case of group names).

Is there any chance, that these changes can be made in the nearer future?

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Post by Nicholas » 11-07-19 2:31 am

Switching back and forth might be a little tricky, but adding buttons to manually, one-time alphabetize each list would be easy'ish.

I have a short list of updates (more of a dust-off, really) for the Metadata Editor and I'll add a couple of alphabetizing buttons to the list.

In the meantime, since the .synthesia files are just plain XML data, you might be able to use something like this to do the sorting for you. (I haven't tried that one, but all any tool of that sort would need to do is order Song elements by the contents of the Title attribute. And similarly, order Group elements by the contents of the Name attribute.)

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Post by AllNotesCount » 11-08-19 5:33 am

Hi Nicholas,

I'll check out the link you posted, but anyway I'm very happy that you can add such buttons. Really looking forward to that, since to me this is the most urgend one among my suggestions.

Thanks! :P

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