Bookmark numbers and bookmark names in Synthesia Metadata Editor

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Post by AllNotesCount » 11-02-19 2:37 pm

For some songs, I use the Metadata Bookmarks to make chord names visible within Synthesia (e.g. for improvisation purposes).

For example (a blues song):

1: Bm7
2: Bm7
3: Bm7
4: Bm7
5: Em7
6: Em7
and so on.

Or sometimes I even also put in the notes of the chords, e.g.:

1: Bm7 = B-D-F# + A
2: Bm7 = B-D-F# + A
3: Bm7 = B-D-F# + A
4: Bm7 = B-D-F# + A
5: Em7 = E-G-B + D
6: Em7 = E-G-B + D
and so on.

But since the input - especially of the measure numbers - is quite time intensive, I do this only for some of my songs.

1) There is a bug - although I can't say how/why/when this bug occurs: Sometimes, the numbers are not in the right order after entering or editing them.
2) To keep away from this bug, I found out that it's best to first of all entering all measure numbers of the song, and then put in all measures once again, but this time with the chord names included.
3) Anyway, the whole input process is quite "painful", since I have to switch between mouse and pc-keyboard all the time, and also the mouseclick for raising the measure number has to be quite exact.

Therefore, I'd appreciate some keyboard-shortcuts within the Metadata Editor:
a) for raising the measure number
b) for alternatively marking (highlighting) the measure number in the measure number field (in order to then being ready to overwrite it)
c) for activating the cursor in the "Bookmark description" field (in order to being ready to put in the chord name there, or whatever other text someone would like to put in there)
d) for finally sending/entering the bookmark into the bookmark list

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Post by Nicholas » 11-18-19 10:01 am

The usual Windows shortcut keys to move between controls (Tab for "next control" and Shift-Tab for "previous control") should be able to navigate through those without any mouse input. When the focus is on the measure number "numeric box" the up and down arrow keys should adjust the number quickly. (You can hold an arrow key down to roll through the numbers quickly.)

For bulk entries, it might even be easier to open the .synthesia file in a text editor (Notepad++ is nice) and edit the values directly. The way they're stored in the XML is a "Bookmarks" attribute where each bookmark is just "number,Name" and separated by a semi-colon.

So your first example would just look like:

Code: Select all

<Song Title="My Song" Bookmarks="1,Bm7;2,Bm7;3,Bm7;4,Bm7;5,Em7;6,Em7" ... />
Otherwise, I think I may have seen that bug you're talking about where the entries get a little mixed up. I hadn't been able to reproduce it reliably before to track things down, but I'll give it another shot at the same time when I sit down to add those alphabetization buttons.

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Post by AllNotesCount » 11-19-19 3:19 pm

This sounds great, especially the bulk entry thing. I'll check it out at the weekend!

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