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Post by AllNotesCount » 11-02-19 4:06 pm

I've tried to get a forum overview in regard to colour requests (and answers) - but I must confess that I quickly get lost when trying this.

So please forgive me if I ask things again here, which you most probably already had to answer quite a lot of times:

1) There are up to 16 midi channels, plus the option to split hands for one of them. So why are there only 6 different colours available, instead of 17?
2) Why can't the user even choose his note colours freely from whole range of the RGB spectrum?
3) How do the default colours apply atm? A specific colour for channel 1, another specific one for channel 2, and so on? And if so, wouldn't it be also nice to alternatively set the default colours by instrument type (e.g. sting instruments, key instruments, and so on - or even more specific guitars, basses, and so on)?
4) Why can't the user also choose (e.g. in the general settings), which colours should be the default for which channel/instrument?
5) How does the software decide atm, which colour is on top, if two instruments play the same note? And isn't this order also a thing which the user might want to decide by himself (depending on which instruments he is more interested in)?

Why would someone want to see many instruments at once in Synthesia?
1) Although Synthesia is intended as a piano learning software mainly, it has also very much potential in regard to learning all other instruments with this software as well.
2) Understanding also the other instruments is quite important for playing in a band
3) If a song has a boring piano part, a piano player can decide to partially play the guitar notes on the piano, or the string orchestra parts and so on
4) A piano player can decide to play the bassline himself instead of letting the bass player doing it
5) Or the bass part might at least deliver a rough orientation, what a piano player could do with his left hand, if he displays a band arrangement that originally only has a part for his right hand
6) Or the total opposite: The bassline could help to find something for the left hand of the piano player, which is explicitely not in overlapping with the bass player
7) All instruments can deliver ideas for improvising on the piano
8) You'd like to find out which instrument plays that specific riff
and so on ...

Hm in order to not having to answer this kind of questions again and again anymore: Maybe you might want to write an overview about these (and other colour related) topics, which you could then make sticky - containing explanations about the status quo and future plans/roadmap in regard to note colours.

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Post by Nicholas » 11-18-19 10:18 am

If I recall correctly, the posts from here up through the video on the next page[/url] are the most-recent official word on the subject of "More Colors".

The short version: yes, I'd like to add more color choices. The final technical hurdle is essentially a solved problem now. I'll have to tinker with some GPU shader code, which is always a little scary, but the hard parts are all done.

1. Looking at the post after mine on that page, 18 does look like it might be the sweet spot before the number of choices becomes overwhelming.

2. I address that on that page. Short answer: it becomes a little too fine-grained for repeatedly choosing the same color. Five shades of blue are easier to pick between than 255 of them.

3. Default is just to assign the current six colors in order to each track, starting over at the top when Synthesia runs out of colors. "Color by instrument type" is a suggestion I've never heard before. Hmm.

4. To date the colors have been keyed more to a particular hand than a particular instrument. Going further in that direction, we've heard a lot of requests for pitch-based colors. At that point, the instrument and even the hand don't have anything to do with the color. Now that a particularly unsavory software patent has expired, pitch-based color is a possibility.

5. Prioritization for note drawing is that "your" notes (e.g., all notes belonging to the right hand when you choose to play the right hand, etc.) are always drawn on top of the others. Beyond that, it's not well defined. If I had to guess, they're drawn in the same order as the track list on the song settings screen.

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