Additional volume sliders for each track?

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Post by AllNotesCount » 11-03-19 2:49 am

Sometimes, it can be useful to reduce the volume of a specific track (without completely muting that track), for different reasons, e.g.:

1) A track is simply too loud/dominant (to your ears / in regard to your personal taste) for your practicing session.
2) Another instrument makes it difficult to listen carefully to your own instrument
3) You want to hear your own instrument louder from the midi than all the other midi instruments, in order to understand and memorize quicker, how your own part should finally sound within the overall arrangement.
4) You want to mainly hear your own playing of your instrument together with the other instruments from the midi, but being slightly backed up by the midi of your own instrument

Therefore: Although the existing click-to mute-options for individual tracks are very important for adjusting the basic setup of a song as quick as possible, volume sliders would be a nice additional option.

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