Option to make Metadata Bookmarks and Midi Bookmarks invisible only in the time bar at the top of the screen

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Post by AllNotesCount » 11-03-19 3:18 am

In some songs, I use the Metadata Bookmarks for making chord names visible in Synthesia. Unfortunately, that doesn't only affect the text on the left side of the screen (as intended), but it also causes orange bookmarks (for each bar of the song) in the time bar at the top of the screen, which I don't need then and which not only make it more difficult to setup loops within the time bar, but also they cover my yellow bookmarks (those ones I do need also at the top of the screen).

Also, I usually don't need the blue midi bookmarks in the time bar at the top of the screen, since I prefer to divide the song into song sections by myself. Therefore I'd like to be able to make those ones invisible at the top of the screen, as well.

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Post by Nicholas » 11-19-19 11:28 am

It sounds like this feature is necessary only because Synthesia is lacking something more important: a general "annotation" facility. If you could add notes (that is, Post-It notes; not musical notes ;) ) to the falling note area (and/or sheet music area), you wouldn't need to use the bookmark system to store that sort of information, correct?

That feels like the Right Way to solve the problem instead of more fiddly options in the bookmark system.

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Post by AllNotesCount » 11-21-19 5:40 pm

Hi Nicholas,

the pros of my current "chord bookmark system" are:
  • I like that the chord annotations change along with / in synch with the chord progression
  • I like the decent appearance of my current chord annotations (I can easily watch them on the left side of my screen when I'm playing, but I can also just ignore them)
  • I like the option to even add all the single note names to the chord names (e.g. "Em7 = E-G-B + D").
The cons are
  • that the editing process takes some time (but this is most probably solved by your recent explanation in my other thread)
  • that my chord names can currently appear only at the beginning of each bar (sometimes, chords do change within a bar, e.g. on beat 4)
  • and last but not least, as said, that my system comes along with all those orange markers in the time bar at the top of the screen
Surely, some kind of "Post-Its"-system could also do the job (and maybe that would work even better), depending on how exactly that feature would be implemented.

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