How to mix Pianoteq and a soundfont

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Post by mahen » 11-07-19 5:33 am

Hi everyone !

I'm rediscovering Synthesia... It works like a charm with Pianoteq to get a very realistic piano sound. I figured out I could use both a soundfont and Pianoteq.

Synthesia enables me to choose which engine (soundfont / pianoteq) is used for : my own notes, the background instruments, the metronome, the drums (which is great, already !)

There are a few corner cases where it's not optimal IMHO but I may be overlooking something :

1) if I choose pianoteq only for my own notes and not for the rest, when playing along with a midi file that contains several instruments incl. several piano tracks, only what I'm personally playing is using pianoteq and the other piano tracks are played with a soundfont (which sounds way worse). Also, if I'm practising the left hand for instance, Synthesia plays the right hand with the soundfont and not pianoteq.

The other problem is that, if the main instrument in the MIDI file is, for instance, an organ, what is actually heard is a piano.

2) if I choose pianoteq for both my notes and the background instruments, everything is played with the (beautiful) piano sound, which sounds OK with many tracks but not with the ones which have many different instruments


- would it be possible to tell synthesia to use a soundfont for everything EXCEPT for piano tracks
- would it be possible to tell synthesia to use pianoteq EXCEPT IF the main track is actually not a piano (or a specific instrument implemented by pianoteq)

Or is there any other solution ?

Best regards
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