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Posted: 11-17-19 1:21 pm
by xian
I have been using Synthesia with a midi bagpipe with some success. (I use a blair chanter as input, loopmidi to route to Universal Piper, vst). Its pretty great but unless I have the tune perfectly memorized, it is difficult to get helpful cues as to what note comes next.

The falling notes on the keyboard are not intuitive because traditional bagpipe notation doesn't quite align with proper musical notation (bagpipe music shows an A where what I am playing is B flat--and that only if using an orchestral chanter). This is even harder with the notation, not only because of the key/notes, but because written grace note and embellishments are not musically accurate in timing, location on the beat, and sometimes all of the notes. See ( ... d-bagpipe/) (

So, I would like to explore modding options. My tech skills are a bit out of date so the easiest approach may be the best. Any suggestions as to what the most profitable approach would be?
- replace the keyboard graphic with a chanter graphic such that the falling notes align with the chanter holes.
- using the notation mechanic but endeavoring to hiding the default notation and instead including graphics tied to the beat?
- something else?


Posted: 11-22-19 3:21 pm
by Nicholas
Hmm, I've resisted adding additional instrument visualizations for as long as possible. Usually the request is for some sort of percussion; this is the first time I've heard bagpipe. Our dev "team" is just me and two (very!) part-time contractors, so being careful not to spread myself too thin is always in the forefront of all my decision making.

The modding support in the app right now is limited to mostly colors with maybe some minor (mostly unsupported) UI adjustments. There isn't anything that can be changed about the falling note display or keyboard at the bottom of the screen yet.

The best answer will probably be waiting for the improved notation that will be rolled out over the next few updates, culminating in MusicXML support. MusicXML-based notation should be able to handle things like displaying notes in the orchestral key and including many more of the details that Synthesia doesn't support today. (That said, we'll be focusing our efforts on piano notation. Anything specific to bagpipe notation probably won't make it in the first cut.)

Sorry, I think there's more bad news in there than good. :?