Roland FP-10 bluetooth and Synthesia app

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Post by zoltan » 11-27-19 9:08 am


i just purchased a Roland FP-10 piano. (Also purchased the key for Synthesia ;) )

My problem is that i cant pair the FP-10 with the synthesia app, it doesnt show the FP-10 in the input device list under settings.

so far, i used Synthesia with my Ubuntu laptop via USB AB cable, and
with my android phone also via cable.

Now that my piano has Bluetooth, id like to use it that way.

Did anybody have the same issue? Or has anybody a how to for this?

My phone is Google Pixel 3 with android 10, if it matters.


ps: roland stock app works via bluetooth. also Pixel3 sees the FP10 as a bluetooth device, and can connect to it.

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Post by zoltan » 11-27-19 9:26 am

For the developers, is it useful? ... ng04_W.pdf

maybe there is something odd, and needs to be add to the app? :)

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Post by Nicholas » 11-27-19 10:02 am

Try this:

1. In Synthesia, on the Settings screen: choose "Android M MIDI" from the list at the top.
2. Swipe the app completely closed.
3. Download this free utility app.
4. Pair with your FP-10 in the utility.
5. Launch Synthesia and hopefully the FP-10 will be in the list.

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Post by zoltan » 11-27-19 3:15 pm

Thank you
Now it works.

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