Synthesia and projectors above the Keys

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Post by ohoeflein »

I see a post from last year about Auxillery displays regarding this but just wondered how well this concept was supported? I have access to a few different projectors and wondered if there was any recommended setups.
Does the custom keyboard layout feature allow you to match up the size of the falling notes to an actual keyboard? Does it help to have a higher resolution projector?
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Post by Nicholas »

If you choose "Custom" from the zoom (magnifying glass icon) menu, it no longer snaps the view to whole white keys the way it does in the other zoom modes. This lets you align things very closely between either screens or projectors in front of your digital piano.

That's really about all there is to it. The custom zoom is applied automatically in every song.
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Post by fosco »

Instead of a projector, I used a 55" 4k TV :D I plan to post about it, but here's a lousy pic.

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Post by Nicholas »

I love it! Having the falling notes drop right down to real piano keys is a lot of fun!
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Post by zoltan »

id like to read more about it ;)
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