Pricing for Turkey? I really want Synthesia

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Post by atikonium » 01-07-20 7:37 pm

Hello. This is my question to staff. I really want to buy Synthesia for my computer but it's extremely expensive for Turkey standards. How many kebabs can you get for $30. 5? Well that translates into 180 Turkish liras and I can get 18 kebabs for that. It's nowhere near affordable. I know google play considers regions so the unlock for synthesia costs 50₺ there. I would buy it for that price. Could there be a way for me to get it for a reasonable price that's suitable for Turkey? Thank you in advance for answering.

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Post by Nicholas » 01-08-20 12:29 pm

For the most part we've avoided regional pricing. The iPad and Android versions are always cheaper than the desktop version, but in both iTunes Connect and Google Play, we just check the box that says "set the price the same everywhere, according to the exchange rate".

It's tricky because it's a high price there, but $29 is a low one here (you'd be hard pressed to get a meal for two at a restaurant). So offering it any lower would make it harder to continue development. Sorry for the inconvenience. :?

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