Tempo/Music Duration Difference

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Post by synthesiauser882221 » 01-08-20 10:44 am


Just got Synthesia recently and I noticed that the metronome in Synthesia doesn't fully match with Cubase. When I have both metronomes (i.e. Cubase and Synthesia) running at the same time at the same BPM, they are never in sync, and this is causing problems when I try to sync recordings with Synthesia's video. When I calculate the actual number of seconds the music is supposed to last for given the BPM and # of bars, I also get a different value from the duration listed when I pull up the song in Synthesia. I tried searching the forums for an answer but so far I wasn't able to find anything. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm on version 10.6.5311

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Post by Nicholas » 01-08-20 12:37 pm

Normally I'd say the Video Creator utility is the right answer here (see the "Older Versions" drop-down on the downloads page). It's designed to do perfectly timed audio and frame-accurate rendering.

We broke it a couple releases ago, so it's still stuck back at the 10.4 era until we get a chance to get the tool working again. That said, the old 10.4 version of the Video Creator can still do a nice job so long as you replace the audio track with something else. That was the other limitation: it used an older MIDI synth that wasn't the greatest. Part of the updating process will be transplanting the new BASSMIDI-based synth into the utility (and eventually offering things like VSTi integration so it can use the same instruments as Cubase).

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Post by synthesiauser882221 » 01-08-20 12:44 pm

Jeez Nicholas, thanks for such a quick and clear response. Really appreciate it. I already installed the Video Creator so I'll tinker around and see what works best. Thanks again :D :D

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