Overlapping Accidentals

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Post by lilalinux » 01-08-20 11:18 am


Accidentals are overlapping and thus unreadable (see Screenshot).

I'm using Synthesia on iPad Pro 2018, but it's also happening on OS X Catalina.

overlapping.jpeg (583.58 KiB) Viewed 216 times

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Post by Nicholas » 01-08-20 12:20 pm

Sorry for the trouble. This will be fixed by Synthesia 11.

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Post by ofzatt » 01-10-20 11:38 pm

Hello Nicholas

I don't know if Synthesia will save the settings for the channels of a multi-track song? If yes, please let me know where, and how to edit them. I want to apply 1 setting for all the songs I have (duplicated and change the name song, i think).

Also, please try to add a batch rendering feature to the upcoming updated version of Video Creator, I really need it, thank you.

And does Video creator use cpu to export? I just upgraded vga but the export time is the same.

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Post by Nicholas » 01-13-20 10:10 am

For replicating settings across multiple songs (if I understood you correctly), you may be able to use the Metadata Editor. Assuming the songs had the same general internal structure (number of tracks, order of tracks for left/right hand, etc.), you could extract the settings for one of them, then copy-paste some of that between the fields in the Metadata Editor.

Batch/command-line rendering is definitely on the list for the next Video Creator update.

And, unfortunately, everything is done on the CPU for now (although it'll use as many cores/threads as you have available, which should help). You may be able to work around this if you use the Windows version of the tool, export as AVI, and choose a codec that has GPU acceleration. I don't know of any codecs that fit that description, but it would technically be a workaround.

Otherwise, I've got "experiment with hardware accelerated video encoding (NVENC, AMD VCN, and Intel Quick Sync)" rather far down the task list (after Synthesia 11 at around line 1420 right now).

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Post by ofzatt » 01-14-20 2:57 am

Thanks for your efforts, I can't wait for the next releases of Synthesia, as well as Video Creator. ;)

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