Lost built-in songs

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Post by guilleregister » 01-08-20 3:54 pm

Hi there! I'm just a newbie of synthesia, but is really nice SW for learning piano! Congrats to the author!

My problem is that I think that I have lost some included songs. I used to have in the list of available ones (outside of the "easiest to hardest" folder clasification) some more complex songs like Bach, Joplin and Chopin ones. For instance, the Bach prelude in C is no longer there.

I did not install any other midi appart from the ones included, and I do have paid the license

Probably I am mistaken and the midi files were found by synthesia somewere in my pc, but now they dissapeared...

Could someone confirm that the only root folder ones are the FNaF ones and the Megalovania? or did someone have also Bach, Bethoven, Chopin, Joplin ones in the root list?

Thanks so much!!

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Post by Nicholas » 01-09-20 5:41 am

Those additional songs you're describing don't sound familiar. Unless you mean the songs in the "Keyboard Classics" category (at the very bottom of this list), Synthesia hasn't ever shipped with additional songs in the root of the list.

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Post by guilleregister » 01-10-20 5:02 am

Thanks! :-)
Then the problem is that I have somehow delete the folder with those midi files in my PC.

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