Sheet music both hands, when practicing one hand?

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Post by pcm2a » 01-10-20 3:09 pm

Being able to turn off the falling notes and have multiple lines of sheet music is fantastic. One problem is with trying to practice just the left or right hand. When you pick to practice one hand it only shows the sheet music for that hand. This makes knowing when to play the note really difficult.

Is there already an option I've missed, or can it be added, so when practicing one hand you can still see both hands of sheet music?

As an example, when in the falling note mode, the notes for both hands fall when you are practicing one hand. This makes it easy to know what's happening.

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Post by Nicholas » 01-13-20 10:01 am

Hmm, this is a bit of an oversight. Right now there isn't a way to show both hands in the sheet music if you've elected to just play one hand.

I almost wonder if the default (only?) choice shouldn't be to always show both hands. At least then there'd be a workaround for only showing one hand: just un-assign the opposite one on the "Hands, Colors, and Instruments" screen. As far as the sheet music portion of Synthesia being the most "traditional" part, I suppose it's natural to always show both hands, as printed sheet music always shows both hands. (As a convenience, maybe we could "gray out" the hand that isn't being played a little?) This would be less jarring of a change than showing completely different notation depending on the hand. And, like you'd pointed out, the falling notes already always show both.

(As an alternative, I suppose it would be about the same amount of work to just have it respect the shown/hidden preference the same as the falling notes. That starts to get a little tricky because you can do the same with background tracks; Showing those in the notation with all the overlap would rapidly make things unusable.)

In any event, either solution is a very, very small amount of work. I think I'll add a single line to the task list for this, for Synthesia 10.7.

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Post by pcm2a » 01-14-20 7:30 pm

The best one of those options to me is if you have enabled/disabled falling notes. If you have falling notes then that seems like the priority and only show one hand. If you turn off falling notes then show both hands. Glad to hear that you're looking into it either way!

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Post by tblb » 01-18-20 5:15 am

+1, both hands in notation whatever wich hand we practice.

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