Full screen sheet music & turn off keyboard?

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Post by pcm2a » 01-10-20 3:10 pm

The full screen sheet music is fantastic. As I'm first learning a piece the keyboard on the screen is helpful but in the long term I want to rely on reading the music and not looking at the keyboard. Is it possible to turn off the keyboard?

Running on an android tablet. I checked all of the options along the top right and didn't see a way.

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Post by Nicholas » 01-10-20 9:17 pm

Yes: pause the song. A little blue square should pop out at the lower-right corner, just above the keyboard. You can drag that down to start hiding the keys. If you drag it all the way down, the keyboard will be hidden completely.

It's a little hidden, sorry!

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Post by pcm2a » 01-14-20 7:27 pm

Works perfectly, thanks! I had never paused anything because it stops and waits for me.

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Post by truedaystar » 02-12-20 9:11 am

Thanks for sharing this... I always saw that as a waste of space when I practice. I would love to see some way of having lyrics show up in the sheet music!!

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Post by adrianr12 » 02-15-20 6:07 am

Thanks for the tip, just what i needed

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